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Representing customers in the Waipā and Kawhia

Waipā Networks Trust is the owner of Waipā Networks Ltd. 

The Trust represents electricity customers supplied by Waipā Networks on electricity industry matters, including on proposed new legislation. Through our trust ownership model, profits are retained by the community rather than going to external shareholders. We promote energy efficiency and have funded several projects to benefit customers of Waipā Networks.

40,000 customers

Approximately 40,000 customers are represented in Waipā and Kawhia. 


Discounts received by customers in the year ended 31 March 2023. 

6 elected

Every 3 years, customers vote for up to 6 members for the Trust. The next election is in 2024.


Waipā Networks is 100% owned by the Waipā Networks Trust, which appoints directors to manage the Company.

In the community

Meet your Trustees 

Customers of Waipā Networks elect your Trustees by ballot during an election. Customers are entitled to one vote per network connection point. The current trustees are Sarah Matthews, Judy Bannon, Ray Milner, David McLean and Marcus Gower.