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The Waipa Networks Trust owns Waipa Networks Ltd on behalf of the electricity consumers supplied by Waipa Networks Ltd. The Trust represents connected consumers in respect of electricity industry matters, including but not limited to, proposed new legislation which may impact upon the electricity industry. The Trust appoints the directors who manage the Company.

Every three years an election is held. The last Waipa Networks Trustee elections took place in October 2021, the next Trustee elections are scheduled to be held in October 2024.

The Connected Consumers of Waipa Networks elect the Trustees by ballot during an election.  Connected consumers are entitled to one vote per network connection point.

One of the advantages of Trust Ownership is consumer discounts, ie. profits are retained by the community rather than going to external shareholders.

The Trust believes it is important to promote energy efficiency and has funded several projects to benefit the Connected Consumers of Waipa Networks.

Waipa Networks is 100% owned by the Waipa Networks Trust

Every 3 years connected consumers (the 28,000 or so customers Waipa Networks delivers power to) vote for up to six members for the Trust.

The Trust in turn appoints the Company Directors, who are responsible for the running of the Company. The last scheduled Trustee election was held in October 2021 the next scheduled Trustee election will be held in October 2024.

The current trustees are Sarah Matthews, Judy Bannon, Ray Milner, David McLean and Marcus Gower.

We look forward to doing great things for you throughout our waipa community.

The Trustees

Our trustees consist of experienced professionals from various sectors in the waipa region.