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Waipa Networks are your local network provider, delivering cost effective and reliable systems for electricity and other services. With a history spanning back to 1919, we are proud to maintain our tradition of being one of the top performing companies in our industry.

The ETNZ is the national organisation for 21 energy trusts, the majority of whom own shares in companies that operate electricity networks (lines businesses).

EECA – Te Tari Tiaki Pūngao (The Office That Guards The Energy) – is the organisation set up by the New Zealand Government to encourage, support and promote energy efficiency, energy conservation, and the use of renewable sources of energy.

ENERGYWISE™ is EECA’s consumer programme that provides information and funding for householders so they can make the most of energy efficiency, energy conservation and renewable energy. Through ENERGYWISE™ we aim to:

Explain the benefits of energy efficiency, energy conservation and renewable energy, motivate people to take action and show householders and consumers how to take action easily. 

A smart home is one that’s good for its occupants and for the environment. Being smart includes being energy efficient and using less water. It means designing and building homes which are healthy and comfortable, and cost you less to run. It means choosing sustainable materials and using resources wisely. 

Waipa Networks developed the concept of a ‘virtual’ smart home on the internet where customers could easily access the latest in smart home technologies and interact with it.   It also allows frequent updates with the latest technology at minimal cost.