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Consolidated Financial Statements 20232023859 KB2023
Annual Plan 2023-242023699 KB2023
Chairpersons Report 20232023353 KB2023
Annual Report Ended 31 March 202320232 MB2023
Statement of Corporate Intent 2023/242023811 KB2023
Consolidated Financial Statements 20222022342 KB2022
Chairman’s Report2022220 KB2022
Annual Plan 1 April 2022 – 31 March 20232022343 KB2022
Annual Report Ended 31 March 202220223 MB2022
Statement of Corporate Intent 2022/2320228 MB2022
Waipa Networks Trust Deed2022246 KB2022
Waipa Networks Trust Ownership Review 20212021586 KB2021
Statement of Corporate Intent 2021-202220214 MB2021
Waipa Networks Trust 2021 Consolidated Accounts2021485 KB2021
Annual Plan 2021-20222021120 KB2021
Chairmans Report 20212021133 KB2021
Waipa Networks Trust Election Result 2021202139 KB2021
Annual Plan 2019 – 20202020119 KB2020
Statement of Corporate Intent2020430 KB2020
Waipa Networks Trust 2020 Consolidated Accounts2020900 KB2020
Waipa Networks Trust Ownership Review 20202020586 KB2020
Statement of Corporate Intent 2020-202120204 MB2020
Chairmans Report 20202020148 KB2020
Annual Plan 2020-20212020119 KB2020
Trust Newsletter2019853 KB2019
Chairmans Report2019138 KB2019
Consolidated Financial Statements2019824 KB2019
Statement of Corporate Intent2019454 KB2019
Declaration of Election Results2018111 KB2018
2018 Triennial Election of Trustees2018179 KB2018
Consolidated Financial Statements20182 MB2018
Trust Newsletter2018589 KB2018
Chairmans Report2018136 KB2018
Annual Plan 2018-20192018120 KB2018
Trust Newsletter20181 MB2018
Statement of Corporate Intent 20182018512 KB2018
Chairmans Report2017241 KB2017
Consolidated Financial Statements20172 MB2017
Statement of Corporate Intent 31 March 20172017555 KB2017
Trust Newsletter2016518 KB2016
Annual Plan 2016-20172016189 KB2016
Chairmans Report2016162 KB2016
Consolidated Financial Statements20162 MB2016
Ownership Review Submissions2016777 KB2016
Ownership Review2016423 KB2016
Guidelines for Access to Information2016102 KB2016